Bespoke Packages for other Industries

We realise that no two companies are the same and with this in mind we are able to offer bespoke training packages from as little as £5 per module, per person.

We have worked with some very large organisations to create bespoke training modules for them; which not only cover the basic elements of general insurance but can be tailored to cover product knowledge and company policy and procedures.

All of our team have extensive experience of the insurance industry and can call upon their vast experience of guiding businesses through compliance, training and competency requirements.

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Bespoke Packages for non-insurance

Although we come from an insurance background, the principles of using online training as a tool remain the same no matter what the industry. We regularly work with businesses from different sectors such as Retail and Health and Safety to create bespoke online training solutions for their workforce. Using our expertise in creating appropriate, easily administered bespoke training programmes we can really add value to your business.
An area that has become increasingly popular is the creation of an induction programme to welcome staff into your team, embedding in them the values, procedures and ethos that make your business unique.

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